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Let her know that you like her and do it quite frequently.

A delicate touch of hand, an adoring look - they always work and are nice seen by girls.

Also tell her that you like her and the time spend with her is precious to you. Ask her out to the cinema or for a walk.

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Starting a relationship is never easy, especially when you don’t know a girl you like. Here you can see how to find a girl to date, ways of chatting up a girl, how to make her like you and fall in love with you. See how easy it is to get a girl.

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2012-04-18 02:56:15
lamin wrote:
anyhway i have a girl and she say she love me always she is calling me even am sleeping she is calling she just say she need to hear my voice and now she say her father say let her stop calling mid night she wil never call or text me ontill i do so can u help me ides how do u see that

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